Solar led rechargeable light

Fully recharged battery works 9 hrs with 24 led's and 4.5 hrs with 48 led's. A SPDT switch is used to select 24 and 48 led's. Deep discharge warning before 10 minutes of actual deep discharge is incorporated. Generally many emergency lights deep discharge cut-off stops suddenly. We don't know when it stops. That is why I made my circuit to beep at low voltage for 10 mins so that we can aware before stopping suddenly. We have to switch OFF manually after beeping within 10 mins. I used Solar panel for charging which is renewable energy.

Emergency Light cabinet
6v 4.5ah rechargeable battery
12v white LED strip
12v 1amp transformer
LM2596 DC stepdown module
XL6009 DC stepup module
Mains chord
12v solar panel
ON/OFF rocker switch * 1
3pin SPDT switch * 1
Green LED * 1
DC jack male and female
PCB plastic spacers * 6
1k resistor * 1
4007 diodes * 6
5402 diode * 1
1000mfd 25v * 1
5v buzzer * 1
BC547 transissors * 2
33k resistors * 2
47k pot * 1